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RFID Protect - backs Team Repli-Cast UK Racing as a main sponsor in their 2013 MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship.

Building on our positive experiences in 2012, RFID Protect has increased its level of involvement in high speed motorsport. As a main sponsor with Team Repli-Cast UK Racing we're demonstrating our commitment to supporting new talent and backing riders that aspire to reach the upper echelons of the sport.

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RFID Protect - backing BSB British Superbike riders in 2013 (PDF 86KB)



TIG welding - bad news for smart card door entry systems?

Leading defence contractor BAE Systems Maritime - Submarines recently experienced a frustrating issue whereby certain workers reported their ‘contactless’ ID smart cards had stopped functioning after being in the proximity of TIG welding operations; resulting in denied access to various sectors of a secure facility in England.

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TIG welding - bad news for contactless door entry systems? (PDF 39KB)



Powering into 2012, RFID Protect has taken the plunge into high speed motorsport.

As an official sponsor of Asher Durham we're demonstrating our commitment to supporting new talent in the British Superbike 125cc class, backing young riders that aspire to reach the upper echelons of the sport.

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RFID Protect sponsors BSB British Superbike riders (PDF 36KB)

or visit Asher Durham's website here



Channel 4 News reveals that millions of bank customers could be exposed to e-pickpocketing.

On Friday 23 March 2012, Channel 4 News successfully demonstrated that with a new mobile phone application (App) it was possible to convert a standard smart phone into an effective credit card skimmer. Following the demonstration, Channel 4 News was able to purchase goods over the internet using only the information gained via this unauthorised 'skimming' technique.

Download Press Release:
Millions of bank customers could be exposed to e-pickpocketing (PDF 28KB)



Official sponsor for the Continental Cycle Climb Challenge!

For us, a partnership between RFID Protect and the Continental Cycle Climb Challenge was the most natural of couplings. Our company has been pleased to provide the team with an additional measure of security against ID theft; particularly when crossing borders.

Download Press Release:
The Continental Cycle Climb Challenge (PDF 48KB)



October 18 – 24, 2011 is National Identity Fraud Prevention Week.

It’s one of the UK's fastest growing crimes. Identity fraud makes no distinction, and creates mayhem for individuals and businesses alike. Research suggests that even more could, and should, be done to better protect ourselves from identity fraud.

Download Press Release:
National Identity Fraud Prevention Week (PDF 47KB)


Notes to editors: Notes to editors:

RFID Protect supply a range of sleeves, wallets, and ID card shields that are designed specifically to offer protection against unauthorised access to ‘contactless technology'. RFID enabled devices that you may already possess include, but not exclusively, credit cards, passports, identity cards, travel cards, ski-passes and many passes for electronic ‘swipe card’ door entry systems. Components can be extremely small, and you may not even be aware that an item you carry about every day is already RFID enabled!

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