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www.rfidprotect.co.uk is a division of Alchemy Creative Solutions Ltd Registered in England & Wales No.5259241

RFID Protect is a division of Alchemy Creative Solutions Limited.

Alchemy Creative Solutions Ltd is registered in England & Wales. Company No.5259241


For bulk orders contact RFID Protect Sales on: +44 (0)1234 772 632

Call us FREE using Skype™Skype™ RFID!or email us at: sales@rfidprotect.co.uk.

For individual or small quantity purchases, please visit our on-line sales area.


We are also able to offer custom printed card and passport sleeves.

Contact our sales team at info@rfidprotect.co.uk for more information and a quotation.


5 things you might not know about RFID Protect

We’re often accused by others of hiding our light under a bushel.
So, here are 5 things you might like to know about RFID Protect.

#1 We don’t do anything else.
It’s true! As the only dedicated supplier in the United Kingdom for ‘anti-skimming’ RFID shielding products, you can be sure of a first rate service – because we don’t do anything else. We won’t try to sell you key fobs, USB sticks or even a free pen for that matter – just simple, effective products that when used correctly will help protect you from contactless crime. It’s that simple!

#2 We manufacture too.
It’s not just our current range of stock that you might be interested in. With a European manufacturing base there’s no limit to the range of bespoke RFID shielding products that we can make for you. Whether you’re a large corporation, industrial designer, or an individual working out of a garden shed – don’t worry, because we can find solutions to meet your particular needs.

#3 An award winning design team at your disposal.
Products, packaging and print – we do the lot! If you’ve got a great idea for the ‘look and feel’ of your product then our in house design team will do the rest – just give us a call to discuss what might be possible. We also retain the services and expertise of an award-winning freelance copywriter with over 3 decades experience working as a senior writer and creative director at top London and International advertising agencies.

#4 Traditional customer care in a technological age.
Yes, it exists even in this technological age! We pride ourselves on providing traditional customer care, and are not satisfied with our service until you are. We don’t have an automated phone system with premium tariffs and dozens of menu options – if we’re not in the office, then we don’t answer calls or emails! (But you might want to drop us a line or leave a message, because we will always get back to you as soon as is possible.) Of course, if you’re someone who likes to poke, tweet or just wants to hear our latest news then we’d love you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

#5 We care about crime reduction.
With over fourteen years experience in law enforcement and security, we’ve seen some pretty ingenious crimes in our time. We’ve also witnessed at first hand the distress caused to victims and remain committed to helping improve things. When we saw the opportunity to combine practical and timely crime reduction information, with a terrific product we just had to do our bit.

We’re aiming to make your contactless experience even more secure.
We hope we’ll be doing it for a long time to come.

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