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What you should know about www.rfidprotect.co.uk

Are you RFID secure? By 2012 it is estimated that over 29 million British citizens will carry some form of RFID enabled device. All UK passports issued since 2006 store bio-metric information about the holder. Likewise, 'contactless' credit cards are also being issued with embedded RFID chips. We are concerned that RFID information theft may be the next major crime wave to hit the UK.

Security risks have already been identified with this relatively new technology, and many cards (even your new bio-metric passport) could be read quite easily using portable equipment. (RFID data has been 'skimmed' from distances between 50 to 69 feet using suitable equipment.) As this technology develops, criminals will become even more motivated to steal your personal details - and you won’t feel a thing! Claims have been made that the RFID encryption on UK passport chips was broken in less than 48 hours after their launch in 2006, and passport data 'skimmed' whilst in the postal system.

Scanners used to read RFID information can be easily purchased by anyone, from ‘online’ stores for less than £200. With a scanner, and the appropriate software in place, there's the potential to read information from your RFID enabled device. With our range of ‘anti-skim’ products, you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of RFID information theft. Can you afford not too?

Learn more about the www.rfidprotect.co.uk product range

RFID Protect supply a range of sleeves, wallets, and ID card shields that are designed specifically to offer protection against unauthorised access to ‘contactless technology'.

RFID enabled devices that you may already possess include, but not exclusively, credit cards, passports, identity cards, travel cards, ski-passes and many passes for electronic ‘swipe card’ door entry systems. Components can be extremely small, and you may not even be aware that an item you carry about every day is already RFID enabled!

You may not know what information is stored on your RFID chip, but is it worth the risk of allowing someone else to read your data - without your knowledge?

Our products have been demonstrated on UK television (ITV This Morning, ITN Channel 4 News) and proved to be highly effective. In May 2012, we enjoyed national press coverage (The Sun, Daily Mail) “Robbed by Radio wave”.

We supply financial institutions, law enforcement agencies; the military and defence contractors with Tyvek™ RFID secure card sleeves – reassured in the knowledge that this product is entirely fit for purpose. Other products may not be.

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How to obtain RFID Protect anti-skimming protection sleeves and wallets either individually or at wholesale discount

For bulk/ wholesale orders contact RFID Protect Sales on: +44 (0)1234 772 632

or email us at: sales@rfidprotect.co.uk.

For individual or small quantity purchases, please visit our on-line sales area. (NB: We use Paypal as the preferred method of secure payment. Orders are normally dispatched within two working days depending upon quantities required, and availability of stock.

We are also able to offer custom printed card and passport sleeves.

Contact our sales team at info@rfidprotect.co.uk for more information and a quotation.

Who makes www.rfidprotect.co.uk products?

Our current product range is specifically designed to block attacks on 13.56MHz contactless cards and similar same-frequency RFID devices.

Our sleeves, wallets and card-holders all meet US Government FIPS-201 requirements, and provide users with a low-cost and convenient security solutions. In addition to supplying our own range of products, and bespoke packages, RFID Protect is also an approved reseller for 'Skimstopper' products. click here.

We are always interested in integrating our protection technology with other products, and there may be potential for partnership arrangements.

Please email us at info@rfidprotect.co.uk with your business or partnership proposal.

RFID Protect - A UK-based leading supplier of low-cost RFID protected wallets, passport holders, travel and credit card sleeves.

RFID Protect products

Some claim they can steal your smartcard, 'skim' your passport - and you won't feel a thing. Can you afford not to be RFID protected?

RFID Protect offer solutions from as little as £2.60 plus P&P

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