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RFID Protect - (click here to view our products)


Although based in the United Kingdom, we sell our products throughout the World.


(Important: please note that for large orders to Australia you may be asked to pay an additional charge to cover

associated shipping costs. We advise making contact with us before purchasing at: sales@rfidprotect.co.uk)


As the only dedicated supplier in the United Kingdom for ‘anti-skimming’ RFID shielding products,

you can be sure of a first rate service – because we don’t do anything else. We offer a range of goods

and services that deliver simple, effective RF shielding environments to our customers. Use our products

correctly and you'll be protected from 'electronic eavesdropping'. It’s that simple!


With a European manufacturing base there’s no limit to the range of bespoke shielding products that

we can have made for you. Whether you’re a large corporation, industrial designer, or an individual

working out of a garden shed – don’t worry, because we can find solutions to meet your particular needs.


We are particularly interested in strengthening our presence in Australia, and are always interested in

hearing from potential partners.




Contact: David Maxwell, Director RFID

Tel.: +44 (0) 1234 772 632

Email us at: sales@rfidprotect.co.uk


RFID Protect is a division of Alchemy Creative Solutions Limited, United Kingdom.