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ENews 3 | Winter 2010

Issue 003: Winter 2010

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In the news this week is a video from the USA, which clearly demonstrates that contactless 'electronic pickpocketing' is a growing issue for Americans. Are we next?

Click to view the "Electronic Pickpocket" (4mins 26secs)


  • Credit card 'Skimming' - get up to speed with our PDF Case Studies
  • For anyone keen on exploring so-called 'skimming' concerns associated with contactless credit, debit, passport, ski-pass and door-entry security systems then the following PDF resources may prove useful.

    Download each 'case study' for FREE by clicking on the associated images below (click image), each PDF file is less than 600KB in size.

    RFID Protect - Case Study Report #1RFID Protect - Case Study Report #2RFID Protect - Case Study Report #3

  • RFID Protect sponsors to the 'Continental Cycle Climb Challenge'
  • Biking the highest roads in the world: 6 rides, 6 continents - over 75 thousand vertical feet of pain. The most breathtaking scenery in the world and the best way to see it. One man and his bike raising money for charity...welcome to the 'Continental Cycle Climb Challenge'.

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As well as the very latest news from the wonderful world of RFID, visit our sales area online and ensure that you're contactless credit card, ski-pass, e-passport, or door entry pass is not compromised by fraudsters.


More News Headlines

Scientist reveals potential vulnerability of contactless chips
A new study found that simple devices - constructed from $20 disposable cameras and RF antennas - can disrupt the signals produced by chip-embedded smart cards.

All Barclays debit cards contactless by 2011
Barclays is replacing all of its debit cards with new contactless payment cards. From March, all replacement cards issued by Barclays will come embedded with near field communication chips. Users will be able to pay for goods under £10, by swiping their card over a reader, there wil be no need to enter a PIN.

Also, from march, all new Barclays customers will be given contactless cards. Barclays estimates that all of its debit cards will be contactless by the end of 2011.

How secure is RFID? Are you at risk?
Security and privacy risks of embedded RFID in everyday things -
the 'E-Passport and Beyond 2007 Study'

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RFID Products/ Notices

Passport Sleeve
Price: £2.99 (shipping £1.99)

Your passport is kept securely closed within a protective shield whilst inside the sleeve | protects to 13.56Mhz

Leather Wallet
Price: £17.99 (shipping £1.99)

Our quality pocket-sized leather wallets offer a more permanent solution than card sleeves. Not only do they look good, but our wallets are designed to keep RFID enabled cards secure whilst closed | protects to 13.56Mhz

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